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The horses are our guests at Saltaire Farm, thus we want to refer to the horses as the members of the facility with their respective persons (we won't call them the owners). The members are not in any particular order (with the exception of from the South end of the barn to the North end).

We have a link to the horse's picture, so as you move your cursor over the horse's name, it will be the link to the horse's picture.
Also, the email address of the rider/owner if available is also below in this member directory. Please send the webmaster any updates you may have.


FACEBOOK - we have a group on Facebook called "saltairefarm friends". Be sure to add yourself to the new group!

Here are the members at the barn:

51 Emma Moller Area 51
Angel Elena Tansy Angel Eyes
Archie Jolene Goodfellow Polar Express
Avon Saltaire Farm Avon Calling
Calliope Lauren Wilcox Calliope
Carson Kristen Mauck Pinch Hitter
Chammy Saltaire Farm Champagne and Caviar
Cisco Carol Cambell Hot Rodin Iron
Cluny Nakyia Stauffer Cluny
Cooper Saltaire Farm Fly the Coop
Daisy Makenley Starnes Driving Miss Daisy
Daphnie Saltaire Farm Carousel
Dually Saltaire Farm Triple A
Dublin Alexandra Lindsey
EZ Anne Bushyhead Eleventh Hour
Eclair Hanna Merrell
Fanny Saltaire Farm Fanfare
Finnegan Lorri Karpinski Finnegan
Gary Kaitlyn Price Slo Gin Fizz
Hank Jeff Koyle Just Hank
Hidalgo Hanna Merrell Sean's Hidalgo
Hollywood Anna Schuster
Indy Saltaire Farm Spot On
Jet Mary Strand Frequent Flyer
Killian's Red Deb Baur General Direction
Larry Saltaire Farm Larry
Marshal Mary Enges Field Marshal
Maybach Tiana Bizios Maybach
Paris Lacy Bizios Kokopelli
Parker Grace Parry Prince Parker
Pippa Jenna Reid
Poptart Kristen Stricklin Poptart
Porter L.P. Swainston
Rickey Chelse Brierley Simply Irresistible
Rocko Natalie Young Caruso
Roscoe Kristen Mauck Roscoe
Snoopy Barbara Stratford Hot Wheels
Stella is shauna leake/lease Amanda Rickards Cadence
Sysko Kayla Dixon Cornerstone
Tally Kat Dembergh Tally Me Out
Walden Michelle Hansen Just Dandy
Woody Tammy Schechinger Toy Story
Zoe Saltaire farm


Sale Horses can be viewed on YouTube by following this link-
YouTube Saltairefarm

OR by searching Saltaire Farm on YouTube

If you are interested in any of these horses, or in taking lessons please give us a call at (801) 547-9989

Please help keep this up to date! Send us an email with any additions/corrections to the list.

Thank you!

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