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This is the Lessons and Training page. Here you can discover what we teach and what we do. Please call Kari for prices and availability.

Lessons: This is learning how to ride your horse. Lessons include, but is not limited to learning the basic skills of walking, trotting, cantering, posting the trot, sitting the trot, and jumping over fences. Lessons are taught on all skill levels (from beginning student who has never ridden before to advanced).

English style hunter-jumper competitions are not based just on how well the horse performs, but also on how well the rider performs. Lessons are a key step to becoming competitive at horse shows! Another important thing to consider is how to handle the horse. Many people think that they can just get on and ride, and this is FAR FROM THE CASE! It takes a lot of energy (and patience) to learn to ride, so if you are interested in a lesson, or curious about what is involved, feel free to stop by or give Kari a call to schedule a lesson.

Training: Boarding your horse at the barn is available if you plan to have lessons as well. Your horse will need to be trained in the various areas of hunter/jumper style. In many cases it takes months of training for a horse to become skilled enough to compete in the shows, thus the need for the training. Training for your horse is available either 3-days a week, or 5-days a week. Please call Kari for prices on board/training. Don't have a horse yet? There are some lesson horses at the barn available for new students that you can use.
Also, once you have discovered that you've fallen in love with hunt seat equitation, and want to do this on a more permanent basis, ask Kari to find you a horse for sale or lease.

Tractors at the barn - they're not just for looks either!

Tractors at the barn